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"Total in Support is een goede club mensen"

- Ted Noten: vrij vormgever

"Total in Support removes the stress so we can focus on what we love: making music"

- Geoffrey Lagadec: muzikant (Jaya the Cat)

"They introduced me to the Dutch- Japanese Trade agreement, which made it possible for me to move to the Netherlands"

Yutaka Endo - Creative producer

"Total in Support were able to write up a wonderful business plan and assisted me with setting up my business."

Cory Osborn - Illustrator and webdesigner

Testimonial Cory Osborn



Illustrator and webdesigner and owner of Provoc Amsterdam 




How did you get in contact with Total in Support back in 2010? 


When me and my wife came to the Netherlands we thought that she would become my sponsor in order for me to get a visa here. However, we found out that this wasn’t possible because she was a student. We freaked out of course. We were lucky enough to talk to a friend who was in a similar situation who referred us to immigration lawyers Everaert Advocaten. We had a meeting with one of the lawyers at Everaert and within minutes I went from panic and paranoid to calm. She directed me towards the Dutch American Friendship Treaty and she also put me into contact with Total in Support. The lawyer at Everaert said; ‘we trust them’. And Total in Support were able to write up a wonderful business plan. It was a tumultuous time, but I was able to invest in the right people to get things done, that was a huge relief. I would have had no idea what to do without them. I’d never had a lawyer or financial advisor before.  

I felt like it was seamless between Everaert and Total in Support. Everything was taken care of. Total in Support said; ‘we know what to do and we know how to work with the IND, we can assist you in setting up your company and administration’. And I felt I didn’t have to do much at all, that was awesome because I was not ready to do it on my own by far.  


It’s been three years now, how do you feel about living in Amsterdam? 


I love it, it’s awesome! Every time someone visits they are like; do you live here? Wauw! And I don’t believe it either. Compared to living in the US it is so relaxed. American culture is based on fear and anger. And here it feels like people are just living here. Being around a society that really appreciates design, that was one of the main reasons to move here.  


Do you have any favourite places in Amsterdam? 


Everything, the way trams and posters are designed, that’s awesome. Everywhere the Dutch are good at creating functional design that doesn’t get in the way of your experience, and that is really good design, invisible design. And there is a lot of joy in the design, just look at Central station with AMSTERDAM written on the roof in tiles, you can see them from the sky! And what other country in the world would have a giant set of letters become an international symbol [IAmsterdam]. I feel very fortunate to live here!  


Learn more about the Dutch American Friendship Treaty  


Nieuwsbrief april 2016


De nieuwsbrief van Total in Support staat online. Lees onder andere over de Var verklaring die per 1 mei vervangen zal worden door de modelovereenkomsten. Een belangrijke wijziging is dat ook opdrachtgevers risico gaan lopen. In de nieuwe systematiek moeten ook zij beoordelen of terecht wordt uitgegaan van geen dienstbetrekking. Hierdoor kunnen zij niet meer de verantwoordelijkheid en aansprakelijkheid afschuiven op ZZP'ers, die vaak in een kwetsbare positie zitten.


Frank Schouten belicht in de nieuwsbrief de gevolgen van de afschaffing van de VAR en bespreekt onder andere de gevolgen voor de artiestenregeling, de wet aanpak schijnconstructies en het gewijzigde beleid bij aangifteverzuimen inkomstenbelasting en vennootschapsbelasting.

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